The Night is Not Completely Dark

The stars are like breadcrumbs
Stepping stones toward your dream
Imagination is everywhere
Take a ride on a glittery moon beam

Close your eyes if you dare
In sleep you surrender control
Unlocking your deepest fantasies
From within, aspirations will stroll

The heavens began with blinding light
A thunderous molten birthing force
Finding the furthest, darkest corners
At the opposite end of the life source

Across the horizon she quietly glides
Playfully circling every bump in the sky
Writing her name with a comet trail
Without saying it, it feels like goodbye

The loneliest moment, bathed in blackness
With stillness, sound vibrates to infinity
Speeding in concentric waves
More pure than a maiden’s virginity

God created the Sun to tame our fears
And to showcase our nightly guest
She rises and offers us glances
Full figured, often partially dressed

You can lose yourself after midnight
Even with the glow of a passing firefly
Your eyes unlock the deep shadows
Drinking somber tones like a lullaby

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