The Minimalist – Part 1

A small life is enough for me
Few words satisfy my speech
Dream over the distant horizon
But love within your reach

Not a shadow just being around
Coming and going when it’s time
I drift in and out and then disappear
Living entirely on my own dime

Far from being a prisoner of fashion
You won’t find me in the melting pot
Following the leader is not my path
Nor hobnobbing to become a big shot

The pied piper plays to a waiting audience
With a tune absent my harmonizing
A modest life favors a heartfelt melody
Free of prescriptive sermonizing

The world is a finely crafted sentence
Occasionally an exclamation mark
Ideas are the frosting on our lips
The message lies within the watermark

Unimpressed by the hipster parade
In doubt, strength of character prevails
Ignore the group think polls of opinion
Only lyrical dreams power my sails

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