At the End of the Day, I’m Taking it to the Next Level (Clichés)

Overused phrases, they are so old school. Who am I to engage in cliches, but if I hear another person say “let’s keep it real”, I’m going to throw them under the bus. This is actually my second blog on clichés. If I’ve repeated one again, don’t blame me, they’re clichés after all! Clichés are … More At the End of the Day, I’m Taking it to the Next Level (Clichés)

Cashing In

Now that I’m retired, I have started looking around for ways to earn some extra money. Although with my pension there are a few restrictions, but no limitations for good taste, greed or morality. That gives me a lot of options! I thought about getting into the product endorsement game. Maybe being a hand model … More Cashing In

The Wheel

Round and round, floating off the ground Why must we run, with each morning sun Huffing like a gadfly, trying to leap high No matter how we feel, up on the wheel Life in a slump, grounded by a speed bump Every day the same, tie score in the game This plight is real, the … More The Wheel

Big League Chew

Stepping up to the plate. As kids, we cannot wait to take our turn. We salivate to be older, to experience what our sisters and brothers enjoy. We are not concerned about abandoning the confines of our childhood because there is adventure waiting. Eventually, we join the work world. Without much real world experience, we … More Big League Chew

Economic Indicators

Someone says the economy is doing great. What does that mean? Who benefits? Who loses? There are all kinds of people touting what makes a strong economy. Usually referred are jobs and the stock market. Trade surplus is another one. Wage growth. Interest rates. Gross Domestic Product. Consumer Price Index. All valuable to some degree. … More Economic Indicators

The Conversation

Joe just sat down to start working on compiling a financial report.  He was good at explaining numbers, they told a story and they did not talk back.  A few minutes later, Joe’s supervisor stopped by and handed him a post-it note with a room number, and told to be there in ten minutes.  No … More The Conversation