The Wheel

Round and round, floating off the ground

Why must we run, with each morning sun

Huffing like a gadfly, trying to leap high

No matter how we feel, up on the wheel

Life in a slump, grounded by a speed bump

Every day the same, tie score in the game

This plight is real, the journey far from ideal

Ever the dark horse, straying from the course

Day after day, bitching about status and pay

A member of the team, but never our dream

We had our time, until it didn’t rhyme

This routine is your fate, don’t be late

Clock hands move, predictably in a groove

Hum the battle song, but the words are wrong

No good to complain, told to stay in our lane

Dreams spin away, like stars in the Milky Way

Mad as a Hatter, but it doesn’t matter

In the glaring spotlight, it’s fight or flight

Shake off the pity, say something witty

Rub some dirt, cover up the hurt

Your journey is not unique, stop feeling bleak

There’s no curse, others have it worse

Many can’t survive, tho we can thrive

Swallow how you feel, climb the wheel

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