Captain of the Gravy Boat

I promoted myself to retiree

Life is a whole new dance card

Suddenly I’ve misplaced my purpose

Rudderless, with no on-duty lifeguard

Mondays, just another free day

Fridays, part of the perpetual weekend

Adrift in a sea of vacation

Calm, absent any wind

What will I do today?

Same as the day before

Watching the carousel circle

No one to hear me snore

I see others of “us” everywhere

Souls unchained and loving it

My steady hand always on the wheel

Proving a square peg rounded can fit

Alone, you command this journey

Stay lunar friendly, but follow the sun

Recalibrating my internal compass

No longer the hired gun

Chided to find a path

Contribute something of note

All rivers eventually join the sea

Declaring, I’m captain of the gravy boat

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