And in the End…

“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” – Lennon/McCartney, Abbey Road

Hopefully you and I leave a love surplus.

Life is a long trail (and perhaps a winding road), and it does have an end, at least in this realm.  When you get to the end, all the wealth and success in the mortal world is great but it won’t accompany you on the next transition.

As you reflect back on your journey, what have you left behind? Not what did you forget, but what did you contribute? Your legacy. Do you fancy a street or building with your name on it?  A juicy trust left behind to your heirs? Or did you invest in the lives and causes that meant something to you?

Whatever your legacy, have you started working on it?

There is no secret in how to make the world a better place because you can start anywhere.  The person who first said, “Leave the world better than you found it,” should have filed the paperwork to own the phrase.  Everyone can do something, and the more influence or resources you have, the more you should do.  That’s my addition to the statement.

Building success can be a very rewarding accomplishment in life.  Success has the greatest meaning, and the sweetest return, when it is invested.  A big portfolio can be a good thing, to care for your needs and your end of life expenses. Beyond your immediate needs, put those resources to work for positive change, that’s the investment I’m talking about. If you build a step in the foundation that others can climb, it raises everyone. When you change a life, you empower that life.  If that person carries it forward, you have multiplied that change. Investing in one, who then helps others, spreads what you started.  That is a force multiplier.

On Father’s Day I remembered my dad, gone 17 months. He built a lot of steps for others, some small and others larger. He didn’t wait till the end to decide how to help others. He never thought about leaving his mark on the world, he just did it every day without thinking about it or keeping tally. He was that kind of man.  He created love wherever he went. He was a force multiplier of goodness.  His caring for others reminded me to give more. His kindness lives on, through me, I hope.

That’s not quite all folks.

The amount of time any of us have left is undetermined. Would you want to know when you would die or felled by a disease? Most of us would not want to know when “the end” will happen.  That’s a huge burden to live with.

Simply, make the most of your time.  You can spend your time however you want, but invest your efforts.  I say, make it count. Make it multiply.

It might not be the end, when we are gone.  The love we make, should live on.


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