1,000 blogs

One thousand blogs, in about five and a half years. I am a person of few words, I guess I glued them all together to publish so many blogs. I never dreamed of writing this much; early on, I nearly gave up.

My mission statement for this blog was to take us on a ride. Destination unknown. I opened the spigot and let my thoughts pour out – on any of a variety of subjects. I do not pretend to be an authority on anything, although I do try to stay within the white lines of reality and facts.

After all this time, writing is still guesswork for me. I can spend weeks writing and polishing a blog before I feel like it is ready. Other times, I practically publish as I write, spontaneity is what I am after. Blogging is very personal to me; you can learn a lot about me from these blogs, but that was never my intention. We put a lot of ourselves in our work.

It is unlikely I will ever write a book. That takes a grander, more sustained effort than I can muster. I do have a few other longer-form projects ahead.

I am grateful for those who read my blogs. Like other writers, I have to satisfy myself first, before anyone else sees a new entry on ticket-2-ride.com. I have trashed more blogs than I care to admit, and I have published a few I now regret. I could delete them, but at the time they represented something needing said. Or so I thought.

The journey for the next 1,000 is about to leave the station. All aboard!

6 thoughts on “1,000 blogs

  1. Wow … it seems like I was just congratulating you on your 500th blog! Congratulations on this milestone, Mike! I always look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions, and I’m very glad that you didn’t give up. I enjoy the variety of your blogs – regardless of whether you are writing about Gilligan’s Island or life in general. They are all interesting and entertaining! Keep up the fine work and I hope that I’m still around to congratulate you on your next thousand blogs!


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