Blog #1,250

What a journey over the past six years. Life has taken me in some odd directions, many peaks and valleys, discoveries and hard-earned lessons. Of course I’ve written about these twists and turns, dead-ends and expressways.

When I hit 1,000 blogs, I thought that was a big deal. I’m surprised that I knew that many words. I’m thankful for spellcheck, but not autocorrect.

In a matter of weeks, I become retired, and will have even more time to spend on sending my thoughts and knowledge out into the universe. Someday, I expect to get an email from intelligent life asking me to please stop.

I never forget the folks that inspired me to try this form of self-publication: John Rinkenbaugh, Aimee Patton, Peter Kurtz, among others. One of these days I’ll get the hang of it.

Where do I go from here? Under the rainbow, with the wind at my back, and pointed toward the horizon.

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