Understanding Beauty

Sometimes hidden to the naked eye
The integrity of a soul does not lie
The heart cannot decipher objectivity
The brain is tangled up in subjectivity

Society prescribes the value of a jewel
Like a textbook lesson learned in school
Our senses aligned to recognize perfection
Meet the standard or accept rejection

Radiance is a unique wavelength
Of immeasurable untold strength
Caressing every nerve receptor
As if ignited by a magical scepter

Her essence wafted like a godly perfume
Ingesting the scent from an intoxicating plume
I sway like a storm-blown willow tree
Thankfully, I don’t need eyes to see

The charged air crackled with electricity
Moments magnetic with synchronicity
Bedazzling me with new insight
Deep inside I was filled with delight

Physical compliments get an eye roll
But you struggle to maintain self-control
The image that displays in my eye
Melts away even the toughest guy

The most shimmering star in the night
Softer than the cool mist at twilight
An iridescent sunlit butterfly
Hypnotic like a single summer firefly

Your unequalled aesthetics are real
Is beauty what you see or think or feel?
A rubric cube of pleasures connect
Truthfully, beauty is perfectly imperfect

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