Blog #1350

Seven years later. Periodically, I poke my head out of the ground and look around. Followers come and go with the shifting winds of interest. Thanks to longtime readers, welcome to new kids on the blog.

I have a difficult time believing that I’ve posted so many blog entries. This has been my salvation through many life changes. Some I’ve shared, others I have not. Blogging has allowed me to dive deeply into my interests. Writing has always been a portal into creative expression.

I am looking forward to the next 1350 blogs. More of the usual suspect topics, perhaps some excerpts from the book I have started. Travelogue, likely, now that I have found my travel companion – have blog will travel.

Is it my pulse or the clock?

Ticking, a slow, pensive procession 

Follow me, step lightly

Someday, this is your succession

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