Lost in the Night

Reaching from horizon to horizon The night spreads its celestial wings Embracing all in elegant moonlight The roar of the shimmering water sings Above and below, astounding wonders A moonlit sky of untouchable treasures The pounding surf hypnotically beckons Lifeforces of incalculable pleasures On a boat only tethered to nature A blood moon illuminates the … More Lost in the Night

The Dish (2000)

What a heartfelt and funny film. The story of a remote satellite dish (radio telescope) in Australia that plays an important role in relaying transmissions of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I have to say, this is one of my favorite films. It is charming, has great characters and incredible warmth. You want a film … More The Dish (2000)

Resentful Moon

Yellowy slinky pale she hangs above Dipping in and around smoky grayness Flaunting, she teases and steals my love Hiding her shine showing only vainness   Changing colors like disposable moods Inviting one night then angry scarlet The night sky flexes with her attitudes You flirt then disappear like a harlot   Rotating defiantly but … More Resentful Moon