Resentful Moon

Yellowy slinky pale she hangs above

Dipping in and around smoky grayness

Flaunting, she teases and steals my love

Hiding her shine showing only vainness


Changing colors like disposable moods

Inviting one night then angry scarlet

The night sky flexes with her attitudes

You flirt then disappear like a harlot


Rotating defiantly but hiding her face

Powerfully bending her orbital concavity

She’d love to spin away without a trace

Never breaking free of our cogent gravity


Outraged, maddening she stands mystified

The passion and pull does not go overlooked

Whipping the tides and topsy turvy inside

Observers flock, admirers reluctantly hooked


She feels like a planetary stepchild

No atmosphere or change of season

Our histories fractured not reconciled

Earthlings fascinated beyond any reason


Fully round or bleeding crimson complexion

Spectacular changes delight and tantalize

Discovering each surface imperfection

Before vanishing again with each sunrise



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