Lost in the Night

Reaching from horizon to horizon
The night spreads its celestial wings
Embracing all in elegant moonlight
The roar of the shimmering water sings

Above and below, astounding wonders
A moonlit sky of untouchable treasures
The pounding surf hypnotically beckons
Lifeforces of incalculable pleasures

On a boat only tethered to nature
A blood moon illuminates the night
Thunderous, rolling waves sway me
Overhead, dreams dance like a kite

Swells wash over my mind
Cleansing the corners of my soul
I feel one with the Heaven above
Drifting toward a forgotten atoll

No waiting in line or taking a number
The grid relents then disappears
This compass points only to freedom
How quickly I abandon any fears

Just me, but not alone in the universe
Darkness now encompasses this sphere
Carried by the lonely whooshing waves
Delivered to fate, now a mutineer

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