Left to My Own Devices

Fingers of the same hand
But working independently
Fumbling everything within reach
Messing up every possibility

My world slipped out of the groove
There are cries that only I hear
Hard promises crumbling in air
The new sunrise brings huge fear

Each step feels so unsure
Waking up on the other side of the tracks
A stranger in my own dream
Swatting away those panic attacks

Spinning the car out of the ditch
A compass does not tell you why
Only where to find true north
You must learn when to say goodbye

The line to the horizon is dotted
As if even the road is unsure
Too much thinking, foot to the floor
Speed around the sudden detour

No one to influence your flight plan
But doubt will lead you off course
You got this, if you are committed
This time no buyer’s remorse

Left to my own devices
I stare out to the sea
As my tide rolls in
You get the real me

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