To Blog or Not to Blog

pearson-creative-writingI am about two weeks into this journey now and have had a little time to reflect.  A few people have asked, what is my purpose?  I assume they were referring to the blog, not my purpose in life.  The life question I’m still struggling with.  Why I’m blogging is much easier to answer.  Simply, it’s an expression about things that interest me.  If any of my topics interest anyone else, good deal.

How do I pick by blog topics?  I like to think that they pick me.  Of the topics I’ve written about, the one that I’m least happy about is the trip to the statehouse. I am not interested in writing about politics although I have some very specific views on issues, the legislative process and people who have been granted the privilege to be part of the governing process.  It won’t be very often that I veer into that territory because writing about politics is a waste of my time.  I don’t mean that it is unimportant, merely that I want to spend my time elsewhere, on things that make me happy.  The statehouse blog was written in anger too, and my policy is not to write when I’m angry.  Writing when angry is not quite as bad as driving after drinking, but no good comes from either one.

customer_journeyTicket to Ride might be an unusual name but I look at life as a series of journeys.  We are always going from point A to point B, or point C, or somewhere other than we are at.  At the end of any day, I am somewhere other than where I was when I woke up that day.  Nothing in this life stays the same so whether it is a journey or just change, life moves on.  Some of my journeys are about what I have learned or how some things seem different now than they did at some earlier point in my life.  Not all journeys are forward, many are up, down, sideways and sometimes backward.  Sometimes one journey is all of those things.

During one week I might write about a film I’ve seen or a concert I’ve attended, or something that happened at work or a family experience (plenty of material there).  I have no plan, other than to not be in a car headed to Abilene (refer to previous blog topic).  I am not a big current events person so I will stay away from the tickertape of commenting on people in the news, reality shows or geopolitical events.  There is a lot of danger and sadness in the world, and frankly, I am not sure what I would say about it.  Other social media is filled with other people talking about it so I will leave it to them.

In this little corner of the Internet we will plot a safer and more light-hearted course, perhaps to find Jimmy Buffet’s lost shaker of salt.  Where is the bartender?

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