She Soars

She has a boundless heart
She’s fearless and peerless
She’s driven and committed
Brimming with kindness and compassion
Engaging and laser-guided passion

She rides high in the sky
To see all within her view
Thunderous, a power glide
Across the silky heavens she soars
Through the billowy clouds she roars

Leading with her heart
Guided by her head
Her values in hand
Powered with conviction
Caring is her addiction

Her time and attention unmeasured
Each child’s potential is treasured
Leading them to the possible
Feeding hungry minds that are yearning
Unlocking the joy and power of learning

Each resident concern is heard
She rails against the idiotic and absurd
Personally invested, she cares
Navigating the rules, finding a solution
Confronting the power of any institution

Concerned and invested, she questions
Takes action, she starts a chain reaction
Focusing attention, she begins ascension
With those affected, she gets connected
Enters the race, gets herself elected

The sky gets higher
The blue becomes darker
The higher she soars
All without strings
There’s power in her wings

She glides, it appears easy
Her eyes are wide, her air is breezy
Her upward course is uncharted
Comfortable navigating the crowds
Confidently rising, touching the clouds

From the bottom of her heart
You’ll get the honest part
Answering the bell
Before it rings
In flight on noble wings

Her mission can be a session or a full term
Focusing on a single child or entire neighborhood
Working until the issue is fully understood
Resolute until her work is done
Over time she touches everyone

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