Mood for a Day

I always like the title of this song written by YES guitarist Steve Howe. I don’t believe he was thinking about any particular day of the week when he composed it, but I would expand this idea to be “Mood for Each Day of the Week.” For me, each day has a special feel to it. Granted, each day is influenced by distinct happenings, special events and holidays, but taken as a whole, days of the week are somewhat unique to themselves. I respect the historical, ethnic and religious origins, and customs for each day. My commentary is derived from secular and slacker origins, and is meant to be a whimsical look at the week. As a bonus, a musical choice for each day.

Sunday. The last of the weekend or officially the start of the week depending on how you look at it. For many, including myself, Sunday is a day of reflection. Sunday is often a big sports day, the biggest of which is gathering with the family. As such, there is a referee shortage. Sunday has a lazy feel to it, one that I can never seem to shake. In my much younger days it was from too much Saturday night, now Sundays are for re-energizing my physical, as well as emotional, batteries. I feel the most creative on this day, hence my long tradition of Sunday mornings at the office (where I wrote this blog). Sundays seem to slip away quickly and by Sunday night I am already thinking about the week ahead and my brain shifts into a higher gear. “Another Park, Another Sunday” (Doobie Brothers)

Monday. I’m thinking: “Where did the weekend go?” Mondays get a lot of attention for being tense and grumpy to start the workweek. Not everyone is that way; there are a few cheery and positive folks who greet you with a smile and kind word. Mondays suck, that my mindset. Do they always have to? Probably not, but I program myself to dread them. At the end of the day, Mondays feels like I’ve completed the first leg of a long race, one where I have struggled to find a comfortable stride. During the fall there’s always Monday Night Football to look forward to, for others, Dancing with the Stars. “Rainy Days and Mondays” (The Carpenters)

Tuesday. Of all the days in the week, Tuesday is pretty generic, almost faceless. For many years and several different jobs, Tuesday was the weekly meeting with the boss day, one-on-one time, so I had to have my act together, at least for an hour. The best thing about Tuesday is that it’s not Monday. Tuesdays could be fairly productive days but I never set really high goals – why mess up a good thing. “Ruby Tuesday” (Rolling Stones)

Wednesday. Hump Day, whatever that really means. Yes, getting to noon on Wednesday means the workweek is half over, a slacker celebration. Between Tuesday and Thursday, most of the real work happens, it is when I concentrate most intensely and can handle a schedule that is mostly meetings. People thrive on meetings. Why, I don’t know. Wednesday seems like a magnet for meetings. I have an occasional night meeting on Wednesday which can seem to really extend the week and make the treadmill for Thursday accelerate. “Wednesday Morning, 3 am” (Simon and Garfunkel)

Thursday. Normally, Thursdays begin a deceleration for the weekend, except when proceeded by a Wednesday night meeting. Thursday, still productive and focused, begins to bring out a lightened mood from most. People are starting to breathe easier; the downhill descent has begun. Thursday night is the unofficial start to the weekend, especially if Friday is a vacation day. “Thursday’s Child” (Eartha Kitt)

Friday. Casual Friday is the right term. After noon on Friday, all sense of focus is lost, especially if you go to lunch with friends or co-workers. Friday is not for starting new projects unless you are thinking about jotting some notes and doing some really easy lifting, like putting all the loose papers into stacks on your desk. Fridays can go off course by the appearance of an emergency, a problem that, despite all reasonable efforts, has broken through security and come rolling in from left field. Friday nights can either be spent getting the party going or sitting back and taking a long breath. Either work well. “Black Friday” (Steely Dan)

Saturday. Also a day of reflection. Even as an adult I look at Saturday as a release from school; a full day of recess. I’m very optimistic on these mornings, anything is possible, in fact, everything is possible. Stores are open so it is a great shopping day and I can catch up on everything I’ve missed during the week. In school, I used to pedal my bike downtown and hang out most of the day. Back then, a kid alone could safely hang out and the only trouble involved was what I got myself into. Saturday night was always the night of the week to blow off some steam. Date night or family activity night. Saturday night is a great evening for shifting into a low gear and taking it easy, but as the night comes to a close, the weekend begins to change because Saturday and Sunday feel entirely different. And then we start all over again. “Saturday in the Park” (Chicago)

And then, if you are using the Beatles’ calendar, it is “Eight Days a Week.”

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