Blog #100

Three years ago I began this blog, not sure of whether it would last.  Somehow it did, but not before it went through several fallow periods, stretches of draught where ideas and inspiration failed me.  

I am lucky to have picked up some inspiration, from unlikely places.  I thank those who unwittingly pushed me forward.  

Every time I put my fingers on the keys something new is learned and I strive for a  sharper focus and larger pallet of expression.  That’s my hope.

Some bloggers have a main emphasis for what they write about.  Mine began as music and film. I’ve incorporated books and television, and detoured into leadership, which seems a bit out of place next to Burt Reynolds films or the Rolling Stones top albums.  For a couple of years I wrote a leadership blog for my work, so it is a different side of this oddly shaped prism.

Poetry appears once in awhile, when something original grabs me by the shirt collar. And then there are the personal reflections, like when my stepfather died.  Even though the reflections are personal, scratch the surface and hopefully you find life experiences others can relate to.  

Mostly, I avoid politics and current affairs.  Mostly.  Other writers are much better at it than I am, so I will leave it for their blogs and tweets.  Current affairs do not age well, which is another reason I stay away from that subject matter.  I might dabble into something historical with a political or social bent, but that’s the exception to the rule.

The next hundred blogs may not be much different from the first batch, although I have a few ideas I want to explore.  Neil Young once said that life is more interesting when you explore the area outside of the two white lines of the road.  No steady diet of off-roading but let’s set our sights for the horizon and head for the blue sky.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Number 101 coming up.

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