After the Storm

Tricky and alluring like quicksand

Slipping quietly through your hand

One day turning a somersault

Later bickering over fault

Elusive as a four leaf clover

The most endearing hangover

Everything else is just a pretender

I’ll have one more Mr Bartender

Rising odds like the grand sweepstakes

Rolling the dice from past mistakes

Folding the tent is a nonstarter

Hoping to be a little bit smarter

Heaven like the grand illusion

Lives buried under the confusion

Then you wake up and feel the reality

Talking without a uniformed referee

Why did that optimism dissipate

And open an emotional floodgate

By morning envisioning forever

The evening storm changed the weather

With the sunrise all is well

Awoken from a wicked spell

Riding upon the calm sea

Blue water, sun and carefree

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