Pulling there’s no resisting

Insistent on persisting

Kindred, magnetic ideals

Spinning cosmic wheels

A bustling celestial object

Emblazoned orb to inspect

Soaring within view

All light reflects on you

An emphatic path is chosen

Eclipsing the known frontier

Surpassing all pent up fear

Jetting like a neutron

Looping back at dawn

As pieces move to their place

There’s order in your space

Life blooms to fill the sky

Clearly in the mind’s eye

Smiles shooting moonbeams

Lassoing hopes and dreams

No folly found in this plan

Taking the role of guardsman

Standing frozen as a statue

In this field the bets are on you

In dark corners of the soul

Pulled inside a black hole

Rippling collisions of light

Fueling your probing flight

Maybe it’s not meant to be

Two names carved on a tree

No one is perfect

Here’s the conflict

Ardently driven

Knowing you it’s a given

Plenty to be learned

Later more discerned

If it had been another time

Together two might rhyme

A new world to be created

They wish it could be backdated

Bowing to the gravity

Crawling thru the cavity

Buoyed by the lunar tide

An emptiness deep inside

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