Somebody Else’s Dream


I woke with memories not my own

In a deep sweat I laid there all alone

The room was spinning I couldn’t flee

Someone else was looking down at me

Later that day a woman wanted to know

What I thought about last night’s show

Perplexed, I had never met her before

This revelation was tough to ignore

My head was full of images that are fake

Something puzzling happened before daybreak

Yesterday my world spun left to right

Now each moment drives me to take flight

I see someone’s memories in my head

I’m tired but leery to return to bed

Maybe I shouldn’t resist falling asleep

If I walk to the edge my soul may leap

I closed my mind but she entered anyway

She was a stranger who stayed until day

When I woke a faint glimmer remained

I was running all night my body was drained

It’s a blend of dreams swimming in my brain

In my sleep state my thoughts travel by train

In and out of the tunnel the engine races

Not leaving behind any lasting traces

When the mind idles the will is weakest

The soul is overcome, prognosis is bleakest

One final dark night I’ll battle these nightmares

I’ll return your dreams and leave by the backstairs

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