Tinfoil Prophet

Wisdom rains down on my tattered hood

I jump out of my home of old plywood

Television and internet waves abound

Jabbing me with provocative sound

Stripping away each layer of resistance

Visiting me with increasing persistence

A suspicion wraps around my brain

Speeding impulses like a bullet train

What was hazy is now quite vivid

Speaking in code makes strangers livid

They can’t hear what rushes through my eyes

Our laden ship of ideas begins to capsize

I spin the vision like a swirling lariat

In a parallel dream I’m driving a chariot

On a long journey for the divine answer

Wisdom grows like an aggressive cancer

Acumen is blessed to a chosen few

Misunderstood like island voodoo

Look into my backward spinning eye

Trust me, you’ve never uncovered a lie

I’m here everyday to reveal the truth

I’ll say more if you feed my sweet tooth

Facts I got, as fast as they can be dictated

God talks to me, his wisdom is translated

Some of us are selected we can be trusted

False prophets try hard but will be busted

What I mumble today is true tomorrow

Then I’ll disappear back into the shadow

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