Curvature of the Earth

Casting an eye from my perch in space

Earth’s dance reveals a heavenly face

She is lovely, curvaceous and blue

The dawn portends a vivid preview

Standing out on the planetary ledge

Clinging to the disappearing edge

This amazing view is beyond believing

The steadiness of this rock is deceiving

Tracking incremental geodetic motions

Gazing at the grandeur of the many oceans

The globe’s rotation produces no sound

Disbelievers don’t acknowledge the round

Holding firm on their staunch objections

Disallowing any scientific perceptions

Facts were aligned with beliefs, the written word

So what if Newton’s apple drifted skyward

Our body of knowledge turned on its head

When a bold idea has no starting thread

It meets the bottle plug like an unsure corkscrew

A lame attempt to steady a weak point of view

The circular route radically bends this straight line

And God made it perfectly spherical by His design

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