Always There

For every family life event, our man was always there

Mild-mannered, modest, he was a man of little fanfare

Important events or small ones, significant or not

When called he never hesitated or gave it a thought

Births, graduations, marriages or even death

He was a family man to his very last breath

He gave freely of his time, we didn’t need to ask

Marrying our household, he proved up to the task

After bachelorhood he found life was rich and whole

Of all responsibilities, family man was his prized role

Always our booster, this kind soul and generous heart

His support provided each of us with a stronger start

He had no visible super powers, just head of our clan

He was rescuer so often, he might have been Batman

His absence is large, but his legacy is immense

A very genuine man, totally without pretense

He was the stabilizing force for our family circus

So we celebrate his life and what he meant to us

Now, your work is done, rest peaceful in that comfy chair

The husband, father, grandpa, the man who was always there

As family we raise a glass in salute to him

This time, let us be the ones to applaud

Happy 85th Birthday

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