Too Sensitive For the Weather

Shading my eyes, dialing down the light

By contrast, your lightning burns bright

Withdrawing inside the growing shadow

You counter, sunlight igniting a rainbow

Inside out, an erupting waterspout

Connected to heaven, swirling about

Your eyes tearing, sadness like midnight

Pressure drops, accenting nature’s might

Tiptoe through every cold rain puddle

Weathermen sorting through the muddle

The wind gauge spins out of control

Boats bouncing hard against the shoal

I can see my breath on the windshield

No sign of life across the airfield

You’ll arrive on a violent downdraft

Incinerating any incoming aircraft

This storm front arises from a foreign land

I listened for your voice on the weather band

Just as quickly your passion diminishes

One of your many unexpected finishes

I remember riding your mighty jet stream

A past life or maybe a reoccurring dream

I surrender to your immense climactic powers

Bathing me with your warm spring showers

Rain clouds break to embrace the evening sun

Thunder reminds us it won’t be outdone

Your barometric moodiness turns inside out

You leave us drenched with a lingering doubt

No longer dropping my life to be your storm spotter

Too often I found myself floundering in your whitewater

The warming earth increases our feeling of abjection

When I think I know you, the wind changes direction

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