She heartedly bends the strings of life

Her poignant song is soulfully bright

There’s purpose in each finger stroke

Aptly crafted notes scaling the height

Grooving, she leans on the pedal

Feel the growl as her pursuits shift gears

Malleable but tungsten in her mettle

A soaring life in interconnecting spheres

Everyone in time gravitates to her shore

Her vocal timbre is not loud, just heard

Playing beneath the story like a film score

Dancing lightly in your mind like a catbird

She smiles when mistaken for being audacious

Try but you won’t peel layers of her mystery

Shrewd and saucy, bordering on loquacious

With each endeavor she creates history

You must view her battle with optimism

Like a curious moth you’ll be drawn to the light

Your view changes as you turn the prism

On wings powered by moxey she takes flight

Put her in a diverse group and feel the synergy

When the dust settles there’s a feeling of awestruck

Somewhere in physics comes her mystic energy

She brushes flattery aside, simply calling it her pluck


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