Unappreciated Music

I am passionate about music like a lot of people are. Ever wonder why we develop certain preferences, gravitate toward certain artists?

On the other hand, everyone has a list of popular artists that they just don’t dig for some reason. “How can you not love so and so?” The startled looker exclaims! Well, it’s similar to not liking seafood. It’s audiophile taste. I can appreciate Garth Brooks, but he won’t be spinning on my turntable.

The artists listed below I never developed a taste for.  They were/are big selling and influential artists – but you won’t find their stuff in my collection.  I like artists of all eras and types of music, from classic rock to new wave to punk to 80’s synth to jazz fusion to R&B to heavy metal, classic country and even disco.

I can respect these folks but I’ll leave them for others to enjoy.

Eurythmics – Big 1980’s band.  Never liked “Sweet Dreams” or dug their sound.  I do like Annie Lennox have owned some of her solo CDs, very talented vocalist.  Dave Stewart has been very successful as a songwriter and producer for others.

Kiss – Not a big glam fan, but I did like Bowie.  The makeup and costumes are their shtick. Outside of a few decent songs it felt like they repeated themselves, over and over.

Sting – I do possess some Police albums.  I liked Sting’s songwriting and the musicianship of the Police.  After he left the group, Sting’s music just didn’t connect with me.  I loved the energy and experimentation of his Police work. He’s a talented writer and very successful as a solo artist, but not for my taste.

Frank Zappa –  A very talented and underappreciated musician.  I never quite caught onto Zappa’s humor so his lyrics were passe with me.  Don’t eat the yellow snow. Good advice. As a musician and guitarist, a phenomenal force of nature.  Some day I will dig deeper into his music.

AC/DC – Who would have thought that Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and AC/DC would become mainstream?  I never like the screeching vocals or lyrical content of much of AC/DC’s work.  They are a powerful guitar band, give them their due.  A few of their songs are memorable but as a whole, I pass.

Bon Jovi – How can you not like Bon Jovi?  They have sold a ton of albums and many of their songs are quite memorable.  I think of them as part of the hair band era, but more successful than many of their peers.

Rush – There is no denying their talent and musicianship.  Granted, prog-rock artists have some very silly song lyrics.  Geddy Lee’s singing is not my cup of tea.  If Rush recorded instrumentals, I would be more inclined to listen to their music, because they were three very talented musicians.

Guns ‘N Roses – I never liked Axl Rose.  Can’t stand the voice, so there was no point in listening to the records.  Their first album was like a rite of passage for a generation of music fans.  Not me.

Lou Reed – There are about two songs that I really like.  Reed is considered a rock god, heavily influential.  I get it.  He inspired many other musicians.  Reed wasn’t much of a singer, which is important for me to develop any kind of ongoing appreciation.

Pearl Jam – The Seattle grunge movement of the 1990’s, interesting, but very little of it was worthwhile to me.  I appreciated the freshness and return of the guitar, but I didn’t have a gene for many of the groups that rode this wave.

Metallica – I can name one song of theirs, the rest is just noise.  Talented musicians but I never felt the vibe from their music.  Top metal artists.

Neil Diamond – He wrote many pop hits during five decade career.  He was always too middle of the road for me.  Some of his early songs dominated AM radio and his concerts, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s were events.  His legacy, now that he is retired, is well-deserved.  A master showman and pop superstar.

Duran Duran – I can understand the popularity in the 1980’s but they were far down on my list.  Simon Le Bon has a voice that I do not appreciate.  I like groups like the Psychedelic Furs, who have a lead singer that doesn’t have a classic voice, so it’s a matter of taste.  Duran Duran have been around a long time but after their initial hits, I can’t tell you anything about them.

Bob Seger – Just kidding. How can anybody not like the guy who sang “Like a Rock”?


As music fans we each know what we like.  I can dislike Rush but like Yes, not like Metallica but like The Cure, not like AC/DC but like Led Zeppelin, not like Bon Jovi but like Journey, not like the singing of Lou Reed but like Bob Dylan, not like Pearl Jam but like The Replacements, not like the Eurythmics but like The Thompson Twins, not like Sting but like Joe Jackson, not like Neil Diamond but like John Denver, and so forth.  The artists listed above I respect, but I am not captured by their artistic gravity.

Don’t get me started on sauerkraut or coleslaw.

2 thoughts on “Unappreciated Music

  1. Aside from the Beatles and Top 40, my music was your music…whatever you were spinning in your room in that godforsaken apt in Meadowbrook😂😂😂

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