An Ode to Pluto


Billions of star miles we traveled to meet

Dark and lonely, searching for your heat

Welcome back to the galactic fraternity

Sorry we ever questioned your paternity

Dispatched, our Earthly satellite is nearmepau2trefcflm7xdsuortxb5y

Taking years for your close-up to appear

Downgraded to dwarf by our cosmic measure

Still, from you we got a gigantic data treasure

The movement of your moons are quite mysterious

Calculating their weird orbits makes us delirious

A big heart shines prominently on your face

Mountains of hardened ice jutting into space

Decades of study we spent to educate

And then scientists determined your fate4-plutostimeto

Mere mortals held back with poor eye sight

Our vision improved with modern space flight

A member of the distant Kuiper Belt

Your frigid shell too cold to ever meltfx1nekymcbtz

Unlike us, your movements are elliptical

We knew so little you seemed quite crytical

At first you were just a tiny white spec

Our old lenses were very low tech

Joyous we granted you official standing

Your addition made our club commanding

Until we upgraded our membership bylawspluto_discovery_plates

Then sent you packing with your planetary flaws

Forgive us, even if you are a dwarf planet

Scientific rulings are never carved in granite

Since we’ve seen and studied you in great detail

It might be awhile before we put you up for sale.


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