Turn the Page

Turn another of life’s back pages

Like peeling layers of the onion

Jump into the story anywhere

The journey is not a linear gallop

Like a jumble of twisted spaghetti

Slowly winding life around your fork

Each tale, a strand and unique image

Connected by the threads of recall

Each moment, a thread spun into fabric

Slices of life dusted and cataloged

Memories, a stew of pleasure and challenge

Of accomplishment, setback and wonder

In youth the building frame rises slowly

A structure, repetitious, exposed and skinless

Over time, personality turns inside out

When a soul is unearthed and examined

Paint of experience emboldens the canvass

The reticent man might disappear inside

He will see what’s invisible to many

A beating pulse of the internal engine

If you listen, the world will listen back

In the quiet, the heart plays a symphony

Performing the music of our emotions

Fueling the thunder of internal passions

Looking deep within the pupil of the eye

A reflective pool refreshes delicious imagery

The smile is a fountain of distant keepsakes

Sound, visual, pulses, moments converge

Turn the page, savor the memory

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