Life: Assembly Required


Laddie, just around the corner your new life awaits

Chose carefully, you have your pick of diverse fates

A future can be whatever you can envision in your mind

But fixation on riches and fame will turn your heart blind



If you do it, be decisive, go all in

Wondering sideways east to west

Gains you no ground for the win

Expect obstacles, just a stress test

Turn your face into the slipstream

Navigate the tricky island keys

Rope the clouds and pull your dream

Work the sail, harness the breeze



The road to heaven is sold-out in advance

The train to hell is quicker with less distance

The journey is scattered with temptation

Declining value for wistful affirmation

Wisely pick your poison, enjoy your sin

Your tab comes due but we can do it again

Leap bravely screaming with firmly shut eyes

Hit water or clear the wall, enjoy the surprise

Prepping for plan B doesn’t guarantee defeat

You can pick once more just change your seat

Speeding ahead of the morning sunshine

Gets you quicker to the western coastline

North is not up, the compass doesn’t lie

The right path is through your mind’s eye



The water gathers, balls up and slowly extends

Between seconds, time stretches and bends

Counting the moments between teasing drips

Twisting what remains into a long ellipse

Of all the choices, which is the right road

Many back trails traveled, lessons to download

Witnessing death throws everything off course

Wondering aimlessly to get back on the horse

Setbacks are blinding like the meanest blizzard

Truth is needed, divine guidance from a wizard

Alone in a crowd tiptoeing surrounded in darkness

Smiles not miles, measure love’s forward progress


Rounded Corners

The worn path comes with comfortable blinders

Keeping us lined straight with many reminders

In the back of the head a song buzzes to get out

Suppressed, but music of your life begs to shout

Convention is all about square fit and precision

Right is norm, left adventure, all of this indecision



Across the playing field of life there’s more than what you see

Far past the corner and the coming attractions marquee

Sometimes saintly intentions become scattered in the wind

Gains and losses, each step in a long journey to the end

As the sun recedes, the last embers gone from the sky

Know why you lived, squeeze every drop before you die


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