Tuesday Weld


Pop culture always needs a fresh face

In search of the next young and nubile starlet

Most of them disappear without a trace

Enter flawlessly beautiful model and cover girl

Breaking hearts she quickly outgrew the small screen

Hollywood groomed its newest cultured pearl

Safer than Lolita but just as complicated

A Steve McQueen film and a breakout part

The dream factory aimed her for stardom

But fame and fan mags aren’t really art

She’s Tuesday Wednesday in Flintstone loregranitevideo

No longer an ingenue she shifted gears

To be an actress in serious roles now

Stardom is fleeting and costly in years

She gradually slipped away from view

But I can still recollect her familiar voice

The flavor of the month is yesterday’s taste

Tuesday Weld is still a baby boomer’s choice

When life was innocent and the future stellar

A time of best and brightest, young and perfect

Those days are past and stored in the cellar

Her name triggers time travel back to Dobie

As our lives are firmly planted in December

I’m not ashamed to reminisce about Thalia

Tuesday Wednesday is a perfect time to remember

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