The Loving Sun

Every morning like fine clockwork

Till the solar system’s movements cease

Powering this planet’s extensive life

The original celestial timepiece


With natural energy like a mother’s love

Each day overflows with majestic surprises

Blue sky or behind the darkest of clouds

From across the cosmos the sun always rises


Earth life feasts on her generous rays

Always moving yet no hourly gong or chime

Just steady progress in brightening the sky

It’s okay to watch, she’s not bashful in her climb


On a cold dark blustery afternoon

The sting of winter’s long subjection

Washes aside a tiny peak of sunlight

The wind slicing through any protection


March days slowly come running

Melting the last lingering grip of winter

Plant life awaiting the moment to strut

Bursting upward like an overdue sprinter


Every year the heat feels more thrilling

Like a moth, drawn close but not burned

The orb soothes the ache and wounded spirit

It’s ardent and teasing nature sorely learned


The sunflower’s eager face turns skyward

A Geosyncronous dance with the light

In summer the planet is lovingly showered

As God’s kiss of life takes lustrous flight

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