Owner’s Manual

Alone in a field and looking around

No solutions were raining down

Beneath me only the soggy ground

The answer-man appears to be me


Where is the quiet in the storm

The nest from relentless turbulence

In this, no way I can perform

My memory bank is overdrawn


Chess pieces moving ’round the board

The game plan works until it doesn’t

Rook takes pawns, just like the warlord

To live and play another day


Finding a way out of this place

I consulted the yellow pages

Got ink on my fingers and face

Leaving me to my own devices


I woke up in the early morning

Asked God for some heavenly advice

A lightning bolt of fair warning

Shot across the bow of my boat


When the smoke cleared away

I felt a sense of enlightenment

Walking higher throughout the day

With a crooked and worldly smile


If I had a book to turn the pages

I’d study it morning and night

To find the wisdom of the ages

Answers to all of my questions


Few easy truths fly off the shelf

The choices of others fail me

Instead I must rely upon myself

And find the answer before the end


If only the solutions were known

In a guide to life’s riddles

It’s a mystery and I’m fully grown

Life has no owner’s manual





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