Cries From a Scared Planet

Mother Nature is beaten down

Science is on the run

Policy is made by a clown

This planet is nearly done


Greed will kill all of us

Short-sighted and weak

Silence those who make a fuss

The future is looking bleak


The gray skies rain pernicious gases

Chemicals leaking all around us

Ocean life is dying in masses

Corporate greed is treasonous


Leaders are bought by Wall Street

Changing temps are just another phase

Hoping the opposition faces defeat

While the stressed forests go up in blaze


Earth is the only option for our habitat

Extinction looms large in the forecast

Don’t leave survival to the plutocrat

Who’s interests represent the iconoclast


Many hide, science will save our lives

Survival runs second to maximum dividends

Our globe should be the only thing that thrives

Is there courage to reverse these deadly trends


Listen to this scared angry little world

It is warning us of perils straight ahead

Species are dying their toes already curled

The clock counts down till we’re all dead






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