Mystery to Me

Unfinished business

And so the story goes

Years can float past

And yet it only grows


A compass point in time

The connection is made

But it won’t be now

The wrong card played


But you can deal again

God creates infinite waves

Some reach the beach

Others sink to watery graves


When the sky sheds tears

Falling with anger so frightening

Icy shards striking like daggers

And sobs shriek with lightening


Buds break ground shooting skyward

Searching for nature’s quiet love

Plants are like people without fear

As we eye the lonely heavens above


The scent overpowered my senses

This unique flower was a total surprise

The air of passion surrounds me

My guard down, I’m usually less wise


I might never pass this way again

The streets no longer have names

Yet familiarity is all around me

My honor goes up in flames


The world is ridiculously imperfect

I continue to find solace in your acumen

I’ve reached my high-water mark

I’m honored to be one of your crewmen

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