Anne Frank’s Birthday

We can remember the hatred and evil that led to the death of Anne Frank and millions of other people, or the wisdom and spirit of her life.

Let’s be clear, the hatred and vile nature of Nazis and fascism have no place in our world. These are not fine people, and you cannot rationalize their thinking.

We know the story of Anne Frank, her living in hiding and then her days in a concentration camp before her death.  In the years since her passing and the end of World War II, her story has been recorded and told.  It is our duty to make sure her story is told to future generations and the truth of the Holocaust is never forgotten.  The further we get from that time, the easier it is to lose connection with the horror of the events that made that possible.  For as long as I’m on this Earth, her story will be heard.

Two days ago was Anne Frank’s birthday.  She would have been 90 years old.  She never got to experience the events and joys that all of us have.  She died at age 16, of disease, starvation and cruelty.

She was wise beyond her young age.  We should all desire to imagine and believe what she did, a prisoner in an attic with the constant threat of being found.  We should make sure the world contains the goodness she believed in and work to stamp out the evil that ended her life and so many others.

Anne Frank

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