It did not storm today, no flooding, no high winds, just hot

No telephone calls to say someone died or is in the hospital

My stocks didn’t crash, very little debt and only one yacht

No diseases, no treatments, just broke my tooth on a Skittle


If I were British my life would be smashing

These problems are small, round as a ball

They roll in and roll out without crashing

My dreams are undisturbed and banal


As I witnessed a beautiful sky powder blue

Many awoke to dreading another Monday

Grumbling, no patience for coffee to brew

And regret the time driving the freeway


Today thousands will die from starvation

Bombs explode, civilians die in war zones

Families are separated trying for immigration

At night we’re worried about the Dow Jones


Here in my tranquil freshwater fishbowl

I need only worry about the hungry cat

My cares are few, just a young tadpole

Every day, enjoying my middle class habitat


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