The Other Guy

We look alike but it wasn’t me, had to be him

I’m boringly steady, he’s the one with a whim

Storms blow in, riding a wave of volatility

My boat sails calmly on a sea of tranquility


In the event of fire, check him for used matches

When the levee leaks I’ll be plugging with patches

He takes delight in watching the chaos flowing

Despite taking on water, I’ll be the one rowing


The life of the party, he charms and promises zero

At the last second he steps in front of the hero

There’s no shame but he’s never around to blame

Life lasts longer than his one inning game


Crawling from the wreckage he will escape

Not one to unravel problems and red-tape

Nothing exciting I’m slow and fastidious

Behind the jokes you’ll know there is serious


He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear

Getting you drunk on compliments and cheer

If you care for someone tell them what’s true

Or their feelings will wind up tangled in blue


The other guy skates through life on a smile

Beneath that appeal is nothing but guile

Life is a mystery but you still have to choose

Pick carefully, kick the tires, study the clues


The other guy is smirking through the mirror

That boyish charisma is just cheap crack filler

But there’s mystery and danger in that smile

He’ll steal your affection but you’ll stand trial


He’s looking back at me confident as hell

That nonsense works on those under his spell

Be more like him they say, a real achiever

Pondering the advice, I’m not a believer


He steps through the mirror full of vanity

If someone saw us both they’d scream insanity

Our personalities run deep with contradictions

Anchor what’s true and keep your convictions








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