Try to Fix it

Broken into many pieces

Shattered and it mattered

There’s no manual for this repair

Just meticulous and loving care


You can’t stop the planets moving

You can’t turn a black heart white

Try to soften a hardened mind

Or make a rude manner kind


Fitting broken dreams together

Is attempting to lasso the weather

The wind blows through your hand

A closed mind trying to understand


Just beyond outstretched fingers

Disappointment usually lingers

Pieces from different puzzles don’t fit

Not desire or tools will conform it


You can’t fix it if you don’t miss it

Kick it down the road don’t commit

Playing the same hand you’ll lose

If you keep listening to that muse


There’s escape, take a plane or train

Maybe you don’t have to explain

Or, try a turn of a friendly card

And you might also lower your guard

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