Place to Place

Zooming overhead, gliding on a thermal

From up there, you can see everywhere

Places stored inside your unfathomed history

And destinations only reachable by prayer


Visits long forgotten to distant memory

But I’ll always recognize that face

And still wonder what clue I missed

When you vanished without a trace


I have trekked many endless streets

A million times circling the Milky Way

Seeing every smile but none registered

The one and preferred did not stay


Time is a Novocaine to the senses

A powerful nerve block around the heart

Love fades in the late afternoon sun

Like my vision on the eye doctor’s chart


Places imagined but never visited

Roads taken thought not yet built

In the mind’s eye a picture show

A collage of visuals forming a quilt


Fragments of adventures, threads to pull

Just a tangle of worn-out souvenirs

Held tightly in my well-traveled hands

I’ll knit new memories for many years

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