Wear the Sunshine

I caress the heavens like you swim the oceans

You need blue-sky like I need the rainbow

You love sleep like I love the dream

You sing the morning and I hum the night

You dance on a cloud while I hug the turf

My eyes listen while your heart speaks

I buzz with energy, you purr with synergy

You see the real me as I decipher your moods

You have vision while I use bifocals

I am the pericarp and you are the seed

You feel the hurt as I look for answers

You bring the heat while I furnish the glow

I am the left and you are right

I provide the laugh to go with your smile

I have the logic, you supply the passion

You are the gentle breeze through my tree

I am often the doubt strengthened by your faith

In my pool of darkness you are the light

You are the melody in my rambling song

I am human and your are the understanding

I am the morning mist and you wear the sunshine

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