The Expanding Silence

It’s not true I never listen, I do

Your voice still booming in my head

Talking in circles turned inside out

Shredding every last thing you said


Like a river the mighty sound flows

Billowing waves crashing the shore

Phrases lost, no longer audible

The pitch rings false, a hollow core


Missing a letter a word changes

No longer delivering the meaning

Tangled in a crossword puzzle

Like a filter that needs cleaning


That libation loosens buried thoughts

Withheld honesty drifting into space

The context sharpens into view

Ambiguity recedes without a trace


You’re refusing to reveal a single clue

I’m picking up what you’re putting down

While swimming a river of double-talk

Washing downstream I could drown


Words coming at me like guided missiles

Searching for answers, left wondering why

Treading ambiguity is what I do best

There’s no hint of truth in either glass eye


Far away, a whistle sounds getting closer

I can’t see the echoes but embrace the ripples

Wrapped tight by the fabric of old memories

Pressed close enough to feel your nipples


I can still hear the warmth of your first hello

Stamped on my memory is every chapter and verse

And caught in my hand is your last goodbye

This distance between us an expanding universe

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