The Resolute Force

Eyes brighter than a resplendent sunflower

Compassion and humanity is the superpower

A crusader and advocate of countless deeds

Purposeful actions for people with needs

The day is long, the blissful body feels spent

With purpose, there’s injustice to prevent

Someone calls with one more mission to go

More hours before any head hits the pillow

Tonight the world feels a little more right

Tomorrow, a few lives may shine more bright

The thunderous rhythm of a helping heart

Powers goodness and love at morning start

The compass needle is pulled to the light

Putting aside frills to emphasize others plight

For many, life consists of merely subsiding

The soul drinks from the joy of providing

To achieve simple wonders and vital success

We take on obstacles necessary to address

The giving of love becomes a force multiplier

Boosting the impact of goodness even higher

The smiling faces come alive in the peaceful majestic glow

Appreciating from the shadows, watching spirits grow