The Corner of Main St. and Wherever

America doesn’t look the same

Neither are we homogeneous

There is every color and faith

We’re foreigners not indigenous


Main Street is from a Capra film

Middle class dreams in full bloom

Storefronts are now mostly vacant

The only action is in the boardroom


Watercolor portraits are now faded

Americana for sale everywhere

Somebody invent the wayback machine

For founder’s day in the town square


America the beautiful is a senior citizen

A facelift, a body tuck and coat of paint

Freedom and liberty are still in fashion

If we can keep the fascists in restraint


On any street we used to see the brightest

Full of purpose, imagination and pride

Outsourced, downsized from corporate greed

The Dream hollowed out from the inside


Put aside the slogans and embrace our values

The modern cultural blend is stronger than steel

America’s road only rolls toward the horizon

Morality and courage, our country’s driving wheel


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