For My Own Amusement

There ya go man, it’s all just a game
What you see is not what you are
We all wear masks shielding a view
No one will dance with a washed-up star

The older I seem the younger I am
A nowhere man swimming upstream
Pitching curveballs striking out the side
Climb on, grip it and ride that dream

Drawn in monochrome, you’re really technicolor
Imaginations are free, thinking is affordable
The jump is too big, then take more steps
If you can imagine it, then it’s possible

The road is filled with right turns, so hang a left
Your down-turned expression, round it like a record
Find yourself alone in a crowd, greet one new face
Unplant your feet by moving around the chessboard

Give free advice to an unsuspecting stranger
Play the role as the shadowy lounge wizard
The powers of reflection are turned around
To find yourself inside a white-out blizzard

Changing people is a dead-end, so work on yourself
Hours are precious, time is not endless nor will it bend
See something worthwhile, keep looking till you do
Ride a rainbow, you can climb it from either end

Play the song the one in your head
Find the voice in the deepest valley
That disembodied sound the mighty echo
Bounces side to side down the alley

When you’d rather use the imagination
To mount a laugh or engage recall
Do it now while neurons still dance
And your memories penetrate the firewall

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