See Ya At A Higher Altitude

Late October winds soaring
Chafing to be out exploring
Fighting a blue moon mood
See ya at a higher altitude

Signpost warns of mental blackouts
Push on through lingering doubts
Drop the hammer throttle open wide
Journey across the orbital dark side

Your consciousness grows a taller attitude
As bad behavior increases in magnitude
Don’t worry, it’s just an evolutionary phase
Thoughts snake through the mental maze

The dosage wears off faster than expected
Just in time for you to become elected
You weren’t our first candidate of choice
Speaking our language you’ll be our voice

Stretch the horizon for panchromatic view
Textures fade everything deepens to blue
Sight lines blur as the air becomes thinner
The mind races backward returning to beginner

Following protocol for clearer understanding
Intellectual confusion incurs a crash landing
Knowledge is washed away like a desert dust storm
Deposited with those who think in free form

From the underside of heaven I drift
Falling through rain clouds too swift
The vacuum pulls memories from my ears
Encompassing all of my disabling fears

Each day we build on the fountain of knowledge
Brick by brick from the hard knocks college
Everything I think I know goes out the door
From darkness you pulled this body to shore

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