In darkness searching for an answer
Shadows are invisible looking glasses
Specters unseen never far away
Neurons flowing like molasses

Orange glow lights the horizon
Fireflies pulsing in the night
Blackness deep like the Grand Canyon
Stretching forever out of sight

Images fleeting as the twilight recedes
Scattering like sparks from a flame
Beyond the border just out of reach
Strangers, are welcome fair game

Innocuous without a heartbeat
A part of you trails out of view
Moving freely always in step
Attached but not part of you

This dream feels empty at morning
Shedding life across the spectrum
Slipping through fumbling fingers
Freed sound waves from a beating drum

Yesterday’s radiance now a ghost
Lurking behind me lost in the breeze
Dancing a duet following my feet
I quickly turn around and it flees

Momentarily caught in my reflection
Swooping in to catch the shadow
Dark eyes reveal an enticing gaze
We’re more alike than you know

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