Dreams that Almost Fly

A misstep and almost derailed
My shoe feels my old footprint

Determined with each breath
Thought balloons rising forth

Deeper slumber, higher illusions
Reality and fantasy are merging

Just a mortal, but not earthbound
Bending the laws of physics

Each heartbeat pushing higher
Rising air beneath my vision

On the wings of a dream we clutch
Holding dearly onto strands of hope

With a sliver of vivid imagination
Moonbeams serve as a ladder

Bouncing across the stars
Comets powering my feet

Ideas float like bubbles
A few kiss the sky’s face

From the backs of eyes wide open
Seeing through the present to the future

You say, this can really happen
The idea shines away the darkness

Your palm is a treasure map
Each line a ring of herstory

Peel back the petals of desire
Smell the essence bursting forth

Looking to the heavens above
Eyes meeting across vapor trails

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