Greetings From Mars

It’s been a galactic kind of year

Millions of miles from home I am

Forging a life on this red sphere

You might be seeing my hologram


It’s strange being away for the holidays

Beaming this love to you and yours

From every one of these castaways

So much sand it’s like the seashores


I can report the gang are doing fine

After we built our geodesic dome

Our own music is a crucial lifeline

But it does make us lonesome for home


Astronaut Bob loves to explore

Crewman Kasim has a science lab

Pilot Joe’s sinuses makes him snore

Engineer Jane’s crib is a cool prefab


Our mission now is to explore in the rover

Daily experiments look for water

We wait for the storms to blow over

Lately the days are getting hotter


The nights are freezing and solitary

And the women are even colder

Attitudes are hard and planetary

Mars years are longer, I’m getting older


So far, no one has gone stir crazy

But I locked in my cabin at night

My memories of Earth are a bit hazy

I look forward to the return flight


I have one life to give to my nation

But hope to enjoy my eons later

And avoid becoming an alien mutation

Again I pray to the Martian creator



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