Back of the Envelope

Never one to fall for a fortune teller
A voice said, “your sand is running out”
Still searching for something stellar
Life of late has been a drought

If there is a plan, it wasn’t shared
It’s every man and his own survival
The escape routes are compared
Only yesterday toasting the new arrival

Committing to this journey is overdue
Round up your friends for this mission
Forget that previous efforts fell through
I believe this quest will reach fruition

Ignore everything you almost believe
The mind plays tricks on the unsuspecting
A gift horse will always deceive
Long and winding paths are not intersecting

You could weigh the odds forever
Scratching every possibility
Removing those not very clever
Or without much credibility

Figures reveal no definitive answer
An iceberg, just the tip of the story
The squiggly lines are like a dancer
Few facts only a hint of the glory

These calculations just don’t add
Planets no longer following the sun
Wobbling orbits looking quite sad
Rotating back to where time begun

The envelope offers only questions
Of all the mysteries contemplated
Too late for any suggestions
Leaving confused and frustrated

Scratching the paper till my pen is dry
Computing life’s deeper significance
Many arrows missing the bulls-eye
These coordinates magnify the distance

Formulas and theories often false
Human behavior has no rule
Past actions are a blind waltz
Envious of an April fool

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